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When should i go?

Best time to visit the Galapagos

When to go to Galapagos or what is the best time of the year for a vacation in the islands is usually what everybody thinking about coming is wondering, Charles Darwin said that even though the islands are located right on the equator the weather is not exactly very hot, and he was right. Because of its location and the marine currents that arrive to the islands keep a comfortable weather year around, of course we have two seasons, the wet and dry, so, talking about weather and temperature from December to May it rains a bit more but for short periods of time and the temperature is in average 80 to 90 degrees F , from June to November is the dry or cold season, it still rains but in a kind of misty rain but in general is pretty dry and the temperature is in the 70´s F . If you are thinking about high and low season, well, there is always people visiting Galapagos so you might say ,its always a high season with peaks on the holidays and summer vacation. In general, it is always a good time to visit Galapagos .

visit galapagos in winter

When thinking about when to come to the Galapagos there is one simple answer, it is always a good time to visit, there are a couple of things to consider. The weather is always good, we still have two seasons though, winter which goes from December to May and summer from June to November, winter is warm and a bit rainy, summer is cooler and also has some rain, in the warm season and has more rain meaning more fresh water is when the land life for example finches, land iguanas land birds in general start their mating period because they have more food. In summer with less rain and colder waters meaning more fish is when marine birds are more active, but in any case, all the animals are always here with a couple of exceptions.

For example the waved albatross are here only from April to December, on the other hand, sea turtles nest only from December to March, but again, with the exception of the waved albatross all the animals are here all the time.

visit galapagos in summer

Another things to consider are the high and low seasons, there are several high seasons the main one of course is summer vacation when all the kids are off school is when we get the most amount of people coming to the Galapagos for a good three months straight that is June, July, August.

The other high seasons are carnival in February, spring break or Easter week in March and of course Christmas, so, what happens here is that there are more crowds that of course wont interfere with your visits but there is for sure  more people but what really happens here is that most boats increase their prices and of course the price for flights from mainland Ecuador to the islands increase.

Whenever you want to come to the Galapagos we guarantee that we will find the best deals in cruises and flights, the locals know best.



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