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Small motor or sail boats

Galapagos cruise categories are divided into four or five depending on how you see it, there is not really an official way to categorize them, the majority of the boats in Galapagos carry between 16 and 20 people on board, and are around 60 to 100 feet long, this means that the space on board is a bit more reduced, this does not mean that they are not comfortable. Depending on the service class you pick the cabin size is considerably different, generally the first class and luxury class boats have cabins that are as large a s the cruise ships and have the same services, some of them even have internet on board, the tourist superior and budget class have smaller cabins but in general very good service, just less amenities on board.

Also when going on a smaller boat , you will get to know everyone on board so is a more intimate environment you always have all meals together and enjoy all the activities as a group, the boat can also anchor closer to the islands so less time in transfer from boat to island, Also more flexibility time wise, on larger ships due to the amount of people schedules are more strict. So, if you are a social person and do not mind having people around you all the time, this type is the boat for you.

Santa Cruz ii

Large cruise ships

Also talking about Galapagos cruise categories more or less 10 percent of the vessels in the Galapagos are on the larger side , meaning more than 20 people on board, what is considered a large ship in the islands are those that carry from 40 to 100 people, according to the local regulations 100 is the maximum capacity of people a ship can carry to protect the fragile ecosystem of the islands ,Large ships offer the maximum comfort, service and amenities on board.

The cabins on this boats are significantly larger , larger bathrooms some ven with bath tubs, communication with the rest of the boat and some room service, many places to go on board and hang out with many people, or not if you want just to be alone.There are more activities besides the excursions, often lectures in the main lounge, a library and if you want you can use the kayaks on board or go on a glass bottom boat, everything has a schedule that most times is very strict, Might take you a bit longer to go to the island but in terms of excursions ,the guides are excellent and believe it or not ,everybody on board tries to give you personalized service. So if you do not mind crowds but want comfort and luxury, this is the type of cruise for you.



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