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Galapagos Weather

The Galapagos islands weather depends on two seasons dry season which goes from June to November, and the wet or rainy season from December to May. During the Dry season the weather is a bit colder because the islands get the influence of the southern marine or Humboldt current bringing cold waters, the temperature at this time is between 65º F(18ºC) to 75ºF(23ºC).

The wet season is much warmer because the south eastern trade winds are not as strong and the cold waters dont reach the islands, at this time of the year the Galapagos receive the influence of the northern or Panama current bringing warm waters and that creates more precipitation, so rain showers are more common, the islands look greener and the temperature is between 70ºF (21ºC) to 80ºF(27ºC).

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