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Galapagos packing list includes many items depending on your activities and the time of the year you are visiting, wether you are going on a cruise or a land based tour here you will find it.

Galapagos Packing List

    • 2 pairs of Sandals, Teva style or flip flops ,one for short walks on the islands and one for on board use, often is not allowed to wear shoes indoors but clean sandals are ok.
    • One pair of running shoes and one pair of hiking boots.
    • 2 different bathing suits so one can dry while using the other.
    • Sarong or big towel for avoiding sun while out on deck if wanted 2 light t-shirts for snorkelling, lycra is recommended to avoid sunburn as well as at least.
    • One lightweight t-shirts for walks on the islands, one per day of cruise minimum.
    • 2 pairs of long light pants for either avoiding sunburn or for windy nights.
    • 1 hut , any sort of hut to avoid sunburn as much as possible.
    • Backpack or rucksack, waterproof if possible, for carrying water, cameras , etc during walks or visits.
    • Strong sun block lotion minimum 20 SPF Aloe or any after sunbathing lotion.
    • Sunglasses , prescription glasses and or contact lenses for snorkelling.
    • Light rain Jacket or umbrella as well as windbreaker. Refillable water bottle.
    • Sea sickness pills as well as a basic first aid kit, vitamins and or personal medicine. Reading material if wanted Galapagos guidebook, magazines, etc.
    • Binoculars.
    • For regular cameras minimum one roll of film per day, for digital cameras we recommend minimum 8gb card.
    • Snorkelling is a common activity, we recommend 1 underwater disposable camera per every 2 days of cruise.
    • Credit cards and ATM cards are often not taken in Galapagos so we recommend to bring some US dollars cash or travellers checks.



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