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The Galapagos islands do not have an international airport making it impossible to have direct flights from outside Ecuador, therefore it is a must to fly first to any of the mainland Ecuador´s  international airports, either Mariscal Sucre airport in Quito (UIO) the capital of Ecuador or Jose Joaquin de Olmedo airport in Guayaquil (GYE)

There are many direct international flights to Ecuador from Europe or the United States, the most common cities to fly direct from Europe are Madrid and Amsterdam, and with stops from pretty much everywhere in the old continent.

From the United states there are direct flights departing every day from Miami, Atlanta, Houston and Fort Lauderdale. Use the following links to check for flights into Ecuador.

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Flights to Galapagos

Once you have arrived to Ecuador´s main cities Quito (UIO ) or Guayaquil ( GYE ), you will have to spend at least a night at a hotel because there are no same day connections to Galapagos. Three airlines service the Galapagos islands two airports, San Cristobal ( SCY ) and Baltra island Seymour Airport ( GPS ), the main local airlines flying there are Avianca , Tame  and Latam ,before booking a flight make sure to know which airport your trip will start from, cruises in Galapagos have many different itineraries and the departure island or airport varies. These are the airlines flying to the Galapagos islands on a daily basis.


*If you decide to book your flight to the Galapagos Islands online please make sure to read the ticket rules, usually the cheapest fares apply only to Ecuadorians, residents of Ecuador and Galapagos locals. If you are not sure about the fare rules we can help you make a reservation and issue a ticket that applies to your schedule.



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