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Galapagos dive tours are a unique experience, dive with hundreds of hammerheads at Darwin or Wolf islands considered the place with the largest density of sharks in the world or a huge whale shark in Roca Redonda, wether is a live aboard dive cruise or go on daily dives from any of the ports, diving in the Galapagos is like no other place on earth.

Nortada dive boat

Liveabord dive cruise

With capacity for 8 divers, the beautiful 85 foot long NORTADA built in France by Gy Couach offers week long dive trips that take you to the most interesting dive sites in the islands in style, 4 cabins with lower berths fully air conditioned and private bathrooms , makes of this yacht a perfect option for your diving adventure. Spacious dive platform and social areas. The yachts itinerary includes Cousin rock , the amazing Darwin and Wolf islands where you normally dive with many species of sharks, dolphins, turtles and lots of fish , Cape Douglas on Fernandina Island, Punta Vicente Roca and more.

This yacht is perfect for small groups or families , it departs from Baltra island airport every Friday and as part of the cruise a visit to the highlands of Santa Cruz island is included , here you can see the famous giant tortoises before the check dive at Academy Bay.

Gas Filling: Twin Nuvair HP compressors; Nitrox / Trimix LP system features compressor, membrane and Helium intake. In select departures: redundant Oxygen Clean Haskell Sport Boosters, portable Tri Hunter 3000 Gas mixing stick.
Cylinders: 30 aluminum 80 cu ft / 12 liter cylinders, 15 for air and 15 for Nitrox; 15 aluminum 100 cu ft / 15 liter cylinders. All cylinders fitted with XS Scuba PRO DIN Insert valves. In select departures: 10 nitrox compatible 40 cu ft / 6 liter aluminum bailout cylinders rigged as stage / sidemount. 20 steel 19 cu ft / 2 liter rebreather cylinders fitted with various valves.
Gas Analysis: 02 Nuvair Nitrox analyzers. In select departures: 01 Analytical Industries Trimix Analyzer.
Diver safety: 08 Nautilus Lifeline bi-directional VHF/DSC marine radio with GPS; 08 Dive Alerts; 08 Reef hooks; 08 DSMB’s. Miscellaneous: Complete toolkit and a selection of solid lead weights and trim soft pouches

Nortada yacht saloon
Nortada yacht cabin
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Daily dive tours

The second option for diving in the Galapagos are daily outings, this tours depart from all three inhabited islands San Cristobal, Santa Cruz and Isabela, this is a unique diving experience. While you stay at any of the hotels in town you depart early in the morning, usually at around 7 am and return by 4 pm , the tour is done on speed boats for groups of up to 12 divers, this fast boats will take you to the dive spot very fast and are offered every day of the year.

The dive sites are located fairly near the departure town but this does not make less impressive and navigation will take less than two hours. the group is accompanied by an experience dive master or instructor licensed by the National Park authorities.

Dive with hammerheads in Kicker rock , or white tip sharks in Gordon rocks , the marine life is enormous and don´t be surprised if at some point you encounter a whale or dolphins, this is a great budget alternative for diving in the Galapagos islands.


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