Short eared owl on Genovesa island

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Galapagos Travel Tips and faq´s

All you need to know about before your Galapagos tour, from how to arrive, the most common questions, when is the best time to visit the islands weather and the Galapagos National Park rules.

To best prepare for your Galapagos vacation there are many things to know and keep in mind ,starting from your flights to Ecuador ,the airports you can fly into and from to the islands, also very important is the fees and takes to pay and to know that you cant prepay them or pay with a credit card, hows the weather in the Galapagos on the month of your visit and what to pack if you come during the rainy season or the dry season , what kind of animals will is see oat that time of the year and whats interest me the most. Ultimately the rules to observe once you are in the Galapagos so we help preserve this fragile ecosystem unique in the world. Here you will find all that information and more.



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