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The islands

Galapagos Islands Information

The Galapagos islands have been one of the most interesting places in the world thanks to the publication of The Origin of Species , this wonderful archipelago is home to unique animals that proved that evolution is a fact and inspired Darwin to publish his famous book. Now many visitors from all over the world come here to  explore and follow his footsteps and more, there are many tours and cruises you can go on ,or maybe enjoy a hotel in any of the ports, there are four inhabited islands that offer a variety of accommodation in all types of hotels, cruise the islands on one of the many boats that range from budget to high end luxury, no matter how you want to visit the Galapagos , we assure you that this is a unique experience that will stay with you forever. Here you will fid some useful information that you might find helpful and you can use it to start planing your visit to the Galapagos islands.

Darwin in Galapagos

A bit of history

Maybe you have done a bit of research and read some books, watched documentaries and videos online…

Exploring galapagos

Explore the areas

On this page ,we will give you a small idea of the characteristics of the most visited islands, one very interesting…

Books about galapagos

Suggested reading

There really is not much we could tell you here about the Galapagos islands better than good specialized literature…

Maps of the galapagos

Map of galapagos

Although many people visited the Galapagos or fund them by accident, we do not know exactly until they were…



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